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New Trip: Eastern USA

This year I'm going to travel a lot in the United States. My 1-year visa is approved, flight is booked, insurance is payed. On the 4th of April I'm coming to NYC to start a first short road trip to the south of Florida.

The itinerary goes through Philadelphia, Washington, Norfolk, Myrtle Beach, Savannah, Cape Canaveral and Miami. I'd love to meet anyone living in these areas to walk through the towns or just sit and talk with a cup of coffee. So if you're living somewhere near, pleaase contact me. One of the important things for me in this trip is to meet interesting people and learn there stories, to learn how people live.

My next trip might be much longer (up to 2 months) and I plan it to the Cape Cod, Boston and surroundings.

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Discovering Russia: Orenburg

My provincial Russian town from Brittish journalist

Such a big fun to see your small provincial hometown with the eyes of a foreigner. And twice more fun if he's a British journalist from Russia Today channel.
Here's a pretty long report about Orenburg, Russian region on the borderline with Kazakhstan. James Brown covered all the sights and attractions of the place I live in.

"The city is famous by shawls made from goat hair and by its big salt deposits. The Soliletsk’s salt lakes could compete with the Dead Sea", says the promo text.

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Visa Issues


Travelling is great, fun and really pleasing for anybody. Even for travel photographers, who see it more like a job. But preparing for a travel could be a very time and money consuming process, especially if you travel abroad. Here in Russia there're two things I hate most of all about travel planning: expensive flights and visas.

While more and more carriers are appearing in Russia, making international flights affordable for the most people, the visa issue remains a pressing problem. It's not only about ambassy's beaurocracy, but also about accessibility. No problem to get visa in Moscow, but if you live 2000 miles away from the capital, will you travel there and back just to get a shengen visa sticker or will you prefer to travel to a non-visa country?

In the last 3 years many (~30) countries abolished visas for Russian tourists, including Israel, South Korea, all South-American countries, countries of South-Eastern Asia and some European countries (Croatia, Montenegro).

The latest news was that EU abolished visas for Albania and Bosnia. But shengen visa is still required for the citizens of Russia. I hope shengen will be abolished for us too, as this is one of the most crazy and problematic visas, which are given mostly for short terms and for single entry. Even American visas are multiple and up to 2 years term.

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Air Travels

Plane over Germany

Plane over Germany

I like a lot everything about planes and airports, beginning with preparations, packing bags and drinking coffe in the airport. I like reading and listening to the music on board.

The process itself is really cool. Passport control is like a sci-fi portal, everything that’s behind it – people, places. time – is absolutely different. You just leave behind all you have for a while. The place you fly to may have absolutely unusual life and different values. Every flight is a chance to compare what you are used to and what you’ve never seen, to understand what is trivial in our life and what are the universal values.

Well, I’m sorry about the people who spent all their life around “their place”. Their horizons im most cases are narrow. Travel around the world as often as you can.

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First post

I'm travel photographer from Russia, I'm 27 y.o.
I'm a very passionate traveller and even more passionate photographer. My list of visited countries is not so ipressive as it could be, but includes almost all EU countries (except Scandinavia and the Balkans) plus India and USA.
If you want to see my pictures, you might want to check out my Flickr page or my Travel photo website

I have huge plans on travelling next year, including 2 Russian national parks and (I hope) some Scandinavian countries. Among my long-term objectives are the USA, Africa and South-East Asia.

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